AutoReferee Behavior

Victory conditions

Victory is awarded to the first team to have at least one of each objective wool block simultaneously positioned on its victory monument. For an objective to count as being on the monument, it must be within a 5x5x5 cube centred on the ‘intended’ block for the objective.

If the match has not ended after 100 minutes, victory is awarded to the team with the most objectives on their victory monument(s) at that time.


Team lanes

Players’ actions in their lane are not restricted. However, players are killed if they enter the other team’s lane, and they cannot place blocks in the other team’s lane.


This is the region of empty space between and outside the two teams’ lanes. Any player that enters is killed. It is also impossible to place blocks in the void or cause liquids to flow into void.

Starting platform

This is the region that everyone starts on. It is impossible to place or break blocks here. Once the match starts, players on the starting platform cannot be damaged.


These regions are only present in certain maps. Both teams can enter and place blocks in these regions as if it is part of their lane.

Start mechanism

To join a team, use the command ‘/j [team name]’. A team is ready when one of its players uses the command ‘/ready’. This can be undone with the command ‘/ready -n’. Once all teams and the spectators are ready, a countdown will start. When this countdown reaches zero, the match starts. This causes the troughs to open, sets the time to morning, and gives all players full health, hunger and saturation.

Loading maps

Servers running AutoReferee (such as usually have signs with the names of maps on them. Right click on a sign to load that map. If you are opped on the server you can load maps with the command ‘/ar load [map name]’. To invite other people to the map, use the command ‘/ar invite [player name]’. Alternatively, the command ‘/setaccess public’ allows anyone on the server to join your match by using the command ‘/joinmatch [your name]’.


Autoreferee can be used for a player or team to practice a map. To do this, first join a team with ‘/j [team name]’ and use ‘/ready’ to start the match. If everyone is on the same team, they will have access to the ‘/ar practice’ command. This gives access to a number of useful features for practicing such as changing gamemode and setting the time.

Objective announcements

There are announcements whenever a team obtains an objective wool for the first time, and whenever a player places a wool on its victory monument (unless that colour wool is already on the monument). These announcement can only be seen by spectators and members of the team that obtained or placed the wool.