Standard Ruleset
Version 3.1.1

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I. Usage Notes

  1. This document is provided by Reddit Minecraft Tournaments (RMCT) for use in events that include Minecraft game-types such as Race for Wool. Anyone is welcome to use it. We just ask that any public posting of this document is attributed to RMCT.
  2. This ruleset is designed for use in Minecraft 1.8.x with the AutoReferee plugin. An explanation of what the plugin does in a match can be found here.
  3. The following rules are intended to serve as a comprehensive replacement for the rules provided by any tournament map. Any map-specific rules used for matches of this tournament must be specifically sanctioned by the organizers of the tournament.

II. Match Rules

No player shall, during any official match they participate in, be permitted to:
  1. Teleport into or out of an area, access to which is restricted (from where the player is teleporting from) by unbreakable blocks1, using either:
    1. an enderpearl that travels through the void lane, or
    2. a bed or ridable entity, (except when the destination is in the player’s direct line of sight, unobstructed by the void lane or a barrier block).
  2. Pick up an item entity (directly into the inventory of either the player or a hopper minecart) across an unbreakable block.
  3. Cause any part of any entity to occupy the same location as any unbreakable block.
  4. Cause any unbreakable block or air block in the void lane to be removed or replaced with any other block.
  5. Leave their lane (clientside or serverside) and perform any action other than killing their character in the void.
  6. Destroy any inventory in the opposing team’s lane that contained any of that map’s objectives2 at the beginning of the match. This is otherwise permissible only if:
    1. this inventory had previously been broken by some other means, or
    2. the opposing team played a significant role in causing the destruction of the inventory.
  7. Dye any sheep or block of wool on any map where colored wool is an objective.
  8. Take any block or item from the starting platform.
  9. Logout/login as a means to gain any advantage, including avoiding PvP or other hazards. Logging out and in to address lag or fix chunk errors is permissible.
  10. Use any external tool that modifies gameplay to gain an advantage over other players, or use a Minecraft client that has been modified in any way, apart from having one or more of the following mods installed:
    1. OptiFine
    2. bspkrs Core, ArmorStatus HUD, DirectionHUD, StatusEffectHUD
    3. Labymod (v2.6 and above)
    4. Toggle Sneak/Sprint (Labymod version)
    5. Forge
    6. Replay Mod
  11. Use any resource pack that:
    1. adds any degree of transparency to any texture that is opaque in the default Minecraft resource pack; and/or
    2. changes the block model of any block that is a 1x1x1 cube in the default Minecraft resource pack.
  12. Gain any information about any official tournament match they are competing in while it is in progress from any source other than:
    1. the Minecraft client they are using to participate in the match,
    2. communications over designated channels of a voice chat server approved by a referee for use in that match, or
    3. direct verbal and/or gestural communications made by any of their teammates connecting to the match from the same immediate physical area.

III. Tie-Breaking

  1. If all teams have the same number of capped3 objectives after 100 minutes, victory is awarded to the team that had the highest number of simultaneous capped objectives at any time during the match.
  2. If the highest number of simultaneous capped objectives is the same for all teams, victory is awarded to first team to cap that number of objectives during that match.

IV. General Constraints

  1. Any team scheduled to compete in any tournament match that is not present on the official tournament Minecraft and voice chat servers and ready to begin playing at that match’s scheduled starting time may, at the discretion of the referees in attendance, be considered to have forfeited that match.
  2. No match shall be considered official unless it is officiated by at least one tournament organizer-appointed referee and AutoReferee is in use on the server.
  3. All players will be expected to maintain a high level of respect for all other individuals involved in the tournament. A tournament organizer may at their discretion punish the team of any player who they determine to have treated any other tournament participant or staff member disrespectfully at any time in any context related to the tournament.

V. Enforcement

If a referee feels that they can reasonably conclude that any rule was violated by any team or player, they may determine that team to have forfeited the match.
  1. In the case of particularly minor rule violations, a referee may choose to instead only warn the offending team, and take any actions that they feel are appropriate to counteract the effect of those rules being broken.
  2. In the case of particularly severe rule violations, a tournament organizer may choose to also disqualify any player(s) and/or their teammates who broke and/or conspired to break any of these rules from competing in future competitions.
  3. The organizers reserve the right to resolve any tournament-related disputes not covered by these rules in any manner they see fit, including overriding decisions made by AutoReferee if the plugin malfunctions.

VI. Definitions

1 Unbreakable Blocks
An unbreakable block is defined as any solid block which cannot be broken by punching it in survival gamemode. This includes bedrock, end-portal frames, and barrier blocks.
2 Objective
An objective is a block, item or entity which is required to be capped in order to win the match.
3 Capped
An objective is capped if it is positioned in its victory region (defined by AutoReferee).