3 teams (CMCT update)

I am sad to announce that after the sign-up period for the Contranaut Minecraft Tournament (CMCT), only 3 teams signed up. I did get a few more sign-ups but I was only able to confirm 3 teams. At one point a 4th signed up, but they backed out just earlier today.

With 3 teams I obviously can’t host a tournament. If we got a 4th team, I’d be willing to host a smaller tournament (perhaps round robin instead of double elim). So what I’m going to do is leave sign-ups open for another week and hope that a 4th team materializes. At that point I can move forward with the tournament as long as all the other teams are okay with playing in a smaller tournament. Since a 4 team tournament wouldn’t require as many rounds, it would start a week or 2 later but finish at a similar time to an 8 team tournament.

So, the tournament sign-up deadline is now June 3rd at midnight ET.

by Contranaut — posted in Tournaments