Contranaut Minecraft Tournament (CMCT) Announcement Post & Sign-Ups


I am excited to announce my Race for Wool tournament that will take place this summer late May to July. A few key things to note about the tournament:

-Matches will be 3v3 with team rosters of 4 or 5
-The tournament in double elimination with 1 match per matchup (no best of 3). Winners bracket finalist will have to be defeated twice.
-Every round of the tournament has set maps (no mappools).
-1 round a week (winners and losers bracket going simultaneously)
-Played on 1.8 in Hard mode, on a dedicated tournament server
-**The 1.7 enchanting plugin will be installed on the server so that you can enchant without lapis
-No prize pool

Format, Maps, and Scheldule

My goal is to get at least 8 teams for the tournament, which would constitute 6 weeks of tournament play, and 7 total maps (ensuring a team will never play the same map twice). If I get more then 8 teams the plan is to do a preliminary round on an 8th map, and shift the dates of all the following rounds 1 week later. Note that I will be seeding teams based off individual player’s past tournament experience.

Matches for each round must be completed by Monday at the latest. Once matchups are made I will place the 2 team captains and myself in a Discord channel to work out scheduling for the match. Here are the planned maps and dates for each round of an 8 team tournament:

Preliminary Round: Shipwrecked, May 30 to June 4
Winners Semifinals and Losers Round 1: Mountain Mayhem, June 6 to 11
Losers Round 2: Precession, June 13 to 18
Losers Round 3: Elemental, June 20 to 25
Winners Finals: Elemental, June 13 to 25 (2 week period)
Losers Finals: Twisted Ruins, June 27 to July 2
Grand Finals: Sylvan Cliffs then Twisted Desert if necessary, July 4 to 9

All this info is also shown here on a sample challonge for 8 teams.


For all matches the RMCT ruleset will be enforeced. A reminder that on the tournament server you will be able to enchant without needing lapis. Matches must be completed by the Monday deadline for each round, and if they are not then I will advance the team I feel were most available to play their match. Roster repairs will be allowed, with the following restrictions:

-Players from a team that was already eliminated can not join other teams still in the tournament. If I catch players using an alternate account both the player and all teams they associate with will be immediately disqualified.
-Roster repairs must be requested before the start of the round to take effect for that round. Since each round starts on a Wednesday, roster repair requests are due by Tuesday night at 11:59pm ET.
-Teams may do no more than 2 roster repairs for the entire tournament.

The only map specific rules have to do with the no-build zones on Shipwrecked and Mountain Mayhem. The no-build zone on Shipwrecked will NOT be enforced, just ignore the signs at the start of 1st wool, you can place blocks as normal. However, on Mountain Mayhem’s 3rd wool the no-build zone WILL be enforced. Below is the rules for that no-build zone.

-The no-build zone starts just after the bedrock line marked by the signs, and extends throughout the whole wool, bounded by the bedrock around 3rd wool.
-You may passaround to an area outside the no-build zone.
-Teams may not place or break blocks by hand, but may use tnt or other sources of explosions to destroy blocks.
-Liquids may be flown into the no-build zone, but liquids may not be placed with a bucket inside the zone.
-Either team may not fire gravity blocks such as sand or gravel into the no-build zone.

Sign-Ups, Server, Discord, and Twitch

Sign-Ups are now OPEN here. Sign-Ups will close Sunday June 3rd at 11:59pm ET, and immediately after I will make a post on the forums with rosters, seeds, and a link to the challonge bracket.

The tournament server IP is You may practice on this server or the play server (, but during tournament matches I will whitelist the tournament server. A HUGE thanks to SillyBrit for donating a high-quality server to use for the tournament.

Please join the Race for Wool discord here where I will post schelduled match times and roster repairs. Note that for scheduling matches I will put the two team captains and myself in a group chat separate to the server.

All matches will be streamed and highlighted on the tournament twitch page here.

One final note I’d like to make is that I do plan on playing in my own tournament. I will do my very best to avoid any conflicts of interest between hosting and playing the tournament.

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