Gauging the Interest for a Summer 2018 RFW Tournament

I’m willing to host a RFW tournament this summer if there’s enough interest still from the community. I am not sure yet if Chris and Sprok are planning to host another RAC, but it’s looking unlikely at this point. I don’t want to host a tournament during RAC if there is one, although I might still host one before/after.

Here are some initial plans for a summer tournament if I host:

All matches will be 3v3, rosters of 4 to 5. This is to maximize the number of teams from the existing community. Double Elimination, all matches will be best of 1 including semis/finals. Set maps for every tournament round, no map pools. I have yet to decide maps. Some minor modifications to existing maps might be made (adding lapis or food for example). 1 match a week. With set maps I’m thinking 1 week will be enough time for teams to prep, especially for teams of 3. Played in 1.8, either on the play server or a server I’ll buy. Tournament will begin sometime in late May/Early June

In order for this tournament to happen there would need to be at least 8 teams, preferably 12 or 16. If you have any interest at all in playing in a RFW tournament this summer, please respond to this strawpoll so I can gauge whether or not to move forward.

by Contranaut — posted in Tournaments