Match Times 23rd - 25th June

Match Times

Friday 4:00pm ET - Washed Up vs Make a Wish

Friday 7:00pm ET - KYA~~~~ vs UbeR

Saturday 5:00pm ET - Jonah’s Angels vs Spanish Gibraltar

Saturday 7:30pm ET - Pineapple Factory vs Blade and the Buckos

The matches will be streamed on our twitch channel. The bracket can be found here.

Additional Rules:

Players must place objectives within the victory region themselves. Using other means will not count towards being capped. This includes pushing objectives into place with pistons.

Note: This largely only affects Tunnel Vision, but this will apply to all maps in the pool for consistency.

Other Information

The tournament server will use versions sportbukkit-1.8.7-R0.1-SNAPSHOT as well as AutoReferee-2.8.4.

by Ch4nM4n — posted in Tournaments

Do you mean EST or EDT? I think most places on the East Coast are actually using EDT at this time of year.