RFW Annual Championships Map Pool - Twisted Ruins

The fourth of seven map tour videos has been released, keep your eyes open for the remaining three as we move forward.

Twisted Ruins Quick Map Tour Video

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by zzrules21 — posted in Tournaments

Note: I just made a small patch to Twisted Ruins that’s been submitted to the repo. This patch was mostly housekeeping things, but I was demanded to release a full changelog so here it is:

  • Bedrock holes in resources were patched. These include the hole above the iron room in both lanes, the hole above the massive drop to the bottom level on both lanes, and the hole in the ceiling of the exit to the second cave leading up to the iron room.

  • Excess stone brick, cobblestone, and gravel cleaned up outside of dungeons. When I made the map, I added these blocks by using a brush with the desired block percentages, masking stone, and brushing away the bland stone. This resulted in a bunch of the stone surrounding the bedrock on the outside of the dungeons being changed to said blocks as well, which just looks bad and adds a bunch of hassle whenever replacing the stone with stained glass. I removed those extraneous blocks. This doesn’t affect gameplay in the slightest, but hey I guess I needed to detail everything.

  • All diamond ore in secondary resources is visible from the surface. The amount of diamond in the cave is unchanged. The only thing that was changed was the location of the diamond ores that were hidden deep inside the stone.

  • There is no longer the single piece of redstone inside of secondary resources. I honestly have no idea why I had the TNT under the chest like that to begin with. I’m sure there was some reason regarding how the explosion affected the chest, but either way, now the 2 TNT are now stacked on top of each other under the button.

  • The lanes were re-mirrored. Mirroring these lanes is such a big pain in the ass. Every turn needed to be selected, rotated, and put back into place and quite honestly in the past, I didn’t mirror the lanes if I needed to make a tiny change. Unfortunately, this resulted in weird cases like one lane having a bedrock hole that the other lane didn’t. So in order to hopefully remove any lane biases, I mirrored the lanes again.

  • THE CAVE SPIDERS AND SILVERFISH IN THIRD WOOL ARE NO LONGER INJECTED WITH RED BULL. Those mobs were never given speed and their movement speed was never altered NBT wise, but for whatever reason those two mobs ran around in that wool like toddlers amped up on red bull. After a bit of digging into, It seems like it has something to do with a the mobs being spawned in 1.7 with potion effects and then loaded into 1.8. Whenever I made the spawners, I spawned the mobs, splashed them with an infinite fire resistance potion, and then used a spawner creator filter in MCEdit, so Minecraft sees them as mobs that were spawned in 1.7. This is just such a bizarre thing that I have never understood, and that I still don’t fully understand. It’s only the cave spiders and the silverfish. It’s only in 1.8. In updating this map, it’s been important to me to make sure that the map is still playable in 1.7, so if I was unable to fix this without loading it into 1.8, then I wasn’t going to make the change. Fortunately, I was able to figure it out by just remaking the spawners using a setblock command in a command block, so now they should behave normally