RPL Season 4 Announcement Post!

To bridge the gap between season 3 and the summer where I am planning another major season, I’ve decide to host I shorter 4th season with many changes from previous seasons.

General Info

The league will consist of coaches who draft a team of pokemon to battle with. All matches will occur on pokemon showdown (a web-browser battle simulator), under showdown’s OU format. Teams will be able to view the pokemon rosters of other teams and decide which 6 pokemon to bring to a battle. Moreover, for every week coaches can customize specific movepools, abilities, EVs, etc. of their 6 pokemon specifically for their week’s opponent. This introduces a high level of strategy into each matchup, and you have to have good preparation skills and good battling skills in order to win matches (a lot like RFW).

Mystery Mons

This season I am going to try something quite different in a coach’s team makeup. Coaches will draft 9 pokemon like normal (more info below), but then will effectively have a surprise 10th pokemon they didn’t draft, that they can bring to a battle. I’m calling this pokemon the “mystery mon,” and there are several rules for this special pokemon:

  1. The pokemon must be in a tier below the BL2 tier, so not from OU, BL, UU, or BL2. In addition, I’ve banned several other pokemon from being a mystery mon. The ban list is here. Note that this may be adjusted as the season goes on, and I will inform all coaches when I make adjustments.

  2. Your mystery mon must be an undrafted pokemon.

  3. Your mystery mon can change between bracket matchups, but must remain the same pokemon within the same best of 3 set. This means once you reveal your mystery mon in team preview you can’t change it.

  4. You can only use up to one mystery mon (you don’t have to bring a mystery mon at all if you don’t want).

  5. Mystery mons can not hold z-crystals.

  6. Your mystery mon can not be a mega pokemon.


Besides only drafting 9 pokemon compared to the 11 last season, drafting will remain exactly the same from season 3. It will be a free draft; the only banned pokemon are Uber (or AG) pokemon, and a few pokemon on this ban list. You can also draft pokemon below the BL2 tier in order to block other teams from using those pokemon as mystery mons. Mega pokemon that are unreleased as of the date of the draft are also off-limit, so make sure the mega you want is actually released before you draft it.

Pokemon may only be drafted once, which means that draft order matters. Before the draft coaches will be seeded based on ability, and the lowest seeds will pick first. Coaches will pick in “snake” order for all 9 rounds, so if there’s 4 coaches, the order would go: 1 2 3 4, 4 3 2 1 ,1 2 3 4 for the first 3 rounds. Each coach will have up to 2 minutess to draft once it’s their turn. If they miss their turn, they will be skipped and will have to make up their turn later in an extra 10th round.

When drafting, each coach may draft one “potential mega.” This is the only pokemon out of all 9 pokemon that you are allowed to mega-evolve during a battle. However, you don’t have to mega-evolve this pokemon if you don’t want to, and in fact, the pokemon doesn’t even have to hold it’s mega stone. When you draft your potential mega you must tell me immediately that you intend for this pokemon to be your potential mega. Finally, mega-pokemon are considered the same as their normal forms, so if someone drafts regular Scizor, nobody else can draft Mega-Scizor, and is someone drafts Mega-Scizor, regular Scizor can no longer be drafted.

The draft will take place Sunday, April 2nd at 6pm ET. Expect the draft to last about 1.5 hours. .We will draft in the discord channel (more info on Discord below) You don’t have to be in voice chat however, and can communicate your picks to me through messages if you prefer. If you can’t make the draft but still want to play, you can draft all your 9 pokemon after the draft ends.

Battling Rules

All matches will be played in Showdown’s OU tier. Pokemon can up to level 100 like last season. Showdown will enforce these clauses:

Baton Pass Clause: Limit one Baton Passer, can’t pass speed and other stats simultaneously

Sleep Clause Mod: Limit one foe put to sleep

OHKO Clause: OHKO moves are banned

Moody Clause: Moody is banned

Evasion Moves Clause: Evasion moves are banned

Endless Battle Clause: Forcing endless battles is banned

Swagger Clause: The move Swagger is banned (note that this is not automatically enforced; if you bring swagger you will forfeit the match).

I will also enforce a No Omni-boosting z-moves rule, which applies to the z-moves for Celebrate, Conversion, Forest’s Curse, Geomancy, Happy Hour, Hold Hands, Purify, Sketch, and Trick-or-Treat.

Note that Pokebank OU has also banned the ability Power Construct. Since this is the only ability Zygarde Complete can learn, it is effectively banned, and other Zygarde forms can not have this ability, they must use Aura Break instead.

Season Format

Like I said, I want to keep this season shorter, and also want to try out some new things. So unlike last season there will be NO regular season, and instead the entirety of the tournament will be double elimination. Unfortunately, this means that coaches could get knocked out after just 2 weeks, but hopefully competition will be high! Also unlike last season, there will only be 1 match per week, but every single match will be best of 3, just like playoffs of previous seasons. The rules for best of 3 matches are the same as before; you can change your sets, evs, and what pokemon you bring inbetween games, but you can’t change what your mystery mon is once you reveal it.

The regular season will start the immediate week after the draft, and should last roughly around 6-7 weeks depending on how many teams sign up. The bracket will be released the day after the draft. Matches may be played anytime between Wednesday and the following Monday, where match submissions will be due at 1:59am ET (technically Tuesday morning). Like last season, if a match does not happen (and neither coach forfeits) then both coaches will receive a -1 on their record. If matches are submitted after the deadline, the winner will be rewarded +0.5 on their record instead of a +1. It is the coaches responsibility to contact and schedule their matches on their own.


Each team will have 3 transactions which constitute both free-agents and trades. Free-agenting a pokemon involves dropping a pokemon on your roster for any undrafted pokemon. Trading is simply trading one or multiple pokemon with another coach. You may only make transactions on Tuesdays; the deadline is 1:59am ET (technically Wednesday morning). Contact me through Discord in order to do a transaction. The deadline for transactions will be 3-4 weeks after the start of the season (I will make an exact date when I release the bracket).


We are finally officially moving over to discord! I plan to disband the Skype group soon, so please move over and check discord semi-regularly from now on. The link to join is here.


Sign-Ups are here. Even if you are a returning coach, you must sign-up. The deadline for sign-ups is Sunday, April 2nd at 5pm ET.

I am limiting Season 4 to 16 teams. All returning coaches have a guaranteed spot. Any new teams can sign up, but I will prioritize people who are in the RFW community over others. Otherwise, it’s first come, first serve.

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