Feedback for RAC2016

We already have a list of things we will be changing for the next tournament, but if anyone has anything they specifically want to mention do so here or message me on Skype. (sprok.gaming)

by Spr0k — posted in Tournaments

Just gonna list a bunch of suggestions about things I would have done differently, then talk about tournament format and maps

-Announce a prize pool when you announce the tournament, if you don’t, there’s hardly any point in a prize pool

-Announce all maps in the first tournament announcement post, and give a specific version number (Ex. Direct Fire v1.1) and a download link. Maps (and any map specific rules) should be out at least 2 weeks before the round they are supposed to be played in, and if they are not ready then use a different map that’s already ready.

-Don’t give experienced teams an automatic pass beyond early rounds, you don’t have to worry about attracting experienced RFW players. You should be appealing to new players instead and I think that by giving experienced teams a pass, it discourages new teams.

-Allow roster repairs but require that teams give at least a week’s notice about a roster repair. So for example, a team can request a roster repair on a Friday, and then they can’t use that updated roster until the next Friday. Notify all participating teams when a roster repair has been requested so they have at least a week’s notice to prepare for a different roster.

-In scheduling docs give 30-minute blocks instead of hour blocks

-Make forum posts about match times so that every match is mentioned in a forum post. In this last tournament seemed like several posts were missing, including some group stage matches and semifinal matches.

-If you don’t stream all matches from the same twitch (which is fine) at least create a forum post or YouTube or something similar where you archive all the stream replays in one place. Otherwise they can be hard to find, especially if you don’t remember who streamed a certain match.

I’ll give my feedback on the tournament format now. I think it was pretty clear that group stages didn’t go well, there was only 4 or 5 matches played, only 1 team was eliminated because of these matches, and it delayed the tournament for over a month, where the hype died down and teams lost interest in stratting (I know we did). Personally, it delayed the tournament so that finals happened well into college, and I didn’t have nearly enough time to strat for 1 map, let alone 3. Until new teams start showing enough interest in RFW, I would avoid group stages completely and stick to either single elimination or maybe double elimination.

Qualifiers went much better then group stages. I feel like bo3 finals would have gone a lot better if it hadn’t happened during a busy time in my life. If you are doing bo3 finals though, then I think you should also do bo3 semis, because for the past 3 or 4 tournaments there have been 4 or 5 really good teams that play close, high-quality matches against each other. However, instead of having bo3 matchups which take a lot of time and motivation to prepare for and then actually play, instead have double elimination starting in the semifinals. So if you lose in quarterfinals you are out, but if you lose in semis you play the other team that lost in semis, then play the team who lost in winners finals, etc. Double elimination adds 1 extra round which would require an extra week, but bo3 semis and finals would take 2 extra weeks since you need to give teams at least 1 extra week to strat for 3 maps. That means double elimination starting at semis actually saves a week over bo3 semis and finals, and takes the same amount of time as just bo3 finals.

Thanks again to Chris and Sprok for running the tournament. I’ll probably think of a few more things throughout the day, but this is what I have for now.


Some of these are things that we’ve already discussed as needing to fix/improve as I’m sure you’re aware. I’ll go through your points below.

  1. I agree here, I think I only mentioned in a chat or two what we were going to be doing for the prize pool and only in one or two posts. This upcoming event will have a follow able prize pool starting sometime next week when Patreon and Paypal donations go live. Judging by what I’ll be putting in, and estimated potential pledges from the community I’m currently estimating a $500 prize pool for the big 2017 event.

  2. In terms of maps I partially agree. The maps played in the big event will be decided as early as possible, earlier for 2018 because the map evaluation team should hopefully have the systems in place within the next 5-6 months, with that in mind though if somehow we have a map pool established 6 months before the main event, and a critical bedrock hole is found a week before the event it will be patched out. This is a group effort, we can’t run good events without feedback on these maps coming from the community. Innovation is one thing, but trying to hide bedrock holes and unintentional exploits doesn’t help either side of the community long term.

  3. The free pass for high ranking teams will depend on community interest, if there is a lot of interest from “marketing events” the plan would be to run a few smaller events as qualifiers where the top 4 from each are the entire 16 for the big event with the prize. If there isn’t enough interest to justify that however we would go back to a more standard format where everyone starts at the same level and previous placements would just affect seeding.

  4. My intention was never to allow roster repairs in the first place, however having 4v4 matches was more important than staying steadfast on not allowing people to sub in. The current plan is to have the entire event scheduled out before sign-ups so teams will know when building their roster if the players can commit to the times or not.

  5. See the substitute response, but if that falls through this is a good idea.

  6. This was initially intended, but with the delay on some of the match time submissions and then trying to find a streamer on top of that it fell to the wayside. This is also a good time to segue into mentioning that we need a good marketing person, someone that knows SEO and social media to post at opportune times and get interest flowing throughout the year.

  7. Again this is on me, at least for this event was more concerned with getting a tournament out of the way since there hadn’t been one in so long. There will be a standardized twitch channel with youtube connection for VoDs moving forward, and I’m sure a thread here would be ideal.

  8. I think the main issue with the group stage is that everything was pushed out a month beforehand and led to newer teams just not existing or losing interest by the time the event rolled around. It’s not like giving them more time actually let to more time spent stratting since 90% spent 0 anyways. There are also plans to move towards more Bo3 and double elimination focus, in order to pull this off though we need a more consolidated map pool and people that are participating will need to dedicate a weekend or two to the event. I think this is more than justifiable with the amount of money we are looking to have up for prizes. Keep in mind at $500+ not only will 1st place get a prize, but it will start to trickle down. This also will rely on having more interest driven by marketing and smaller events throughout the year garnering interest.

I don’t honestly have that much to say since I didn’t get the chance to see it but it would of been nice if the actual event was better communicated. I checked almost every week over the summer and saw nothing but two quick posts come out about the event with no way to keep up with it like through Twitter, the website, etc. and ended up missing an event I was really looking forward to watching.

Also just from looking at the outside shell I would say this:

1) You should honestly keep the stream to one account instead of letting it be streamed anywhere so it is easy to just follow the channel and be able to keep up to date when the games go live. 2) Only allow branding of RFW on streams. To me just dipping into stream VODs every single one looked very unprofessional. For example like in the finals at the very beginning of the stream it was just random mumbling, saying “we are live, don’t say anything bad”, etc. when you should take care of having people in their channels already, having common knowledge things already said, overlays ready to go ,etc. before the stream even starts. 3) You should of had a overlay to make it easier to understand what is going on. For example when you are showing off the map have points of interest and potential strats that could be used in the map along with the map flyover. It would also be nice to have it where the scoreboard on the right could show off which wools have been captured or not and to have a timer (if there is a time limit) on the top similar to what OCN had.

I used to play RFW so much when I used to be known as netcvb back in 2014. Honestly the community was so great back then and i’m glad to see it is finally reviving. If you guys have any open positions to help out the team I would glad to help out. I tried contacting someone back a long time ago on /r/mctouney and on the Slack but didn’t get any response.


Cool to see some old members checking in, for the scoreboard thing, I don’t know how much of a use it would be just due to most teams place all of the wools on the VM at the same time.


It may be possible to add a touched tracker as well to the scoreboard. Similar to how OCN has one icon for touches, and another for placements.


I’m pretty sure that was tracked with the old AutoRef Client Mod that was used around the RMCT4 era. It’d need little bit of work to update it from 1.6.2 up to 1.8 but I feel like it’d be worth the effort