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Ayy new forums new place for me to finally dump all of my maps again. This is pretty much copy pasted from my post on my old forums, but either way it’s here now which is neato.

Remote Lands

The original 4 lane map, not really all that great for tournaments, but still alright to play for fun occasionally.

Twisted Ruins

Made for the BPF Mapmaking Contest (coming in a solid 7th place out of 10). I literally just wanted to see if I could do well in the contest by copying as many elements from other good and well known maps as possible (I don’t really think it worked out too well). It seems to be well liked for tournaments, but the only reason it was even in a tournament is because Sub begged me. The map was updated to be compatible with 1.8 for the first RFW Annual Championships.

EDIT: I made a small update for the 2017 RFW Annual Championship. Changed a few chests around, changed second wool a little bit.

EDIT 2: Small patch for the 2017 RFW Annual Championship, changelog is in the comments

  • Imgur Album (shit I forgot I didn’t make an Imgur album for this, I just linked to the original thread which was literally just PJSalt. I don’t really feel like making an Imgur album for this so I’ll just link to the archive of the original thread).
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The Fourth Dawn

Damn, @koipen beat me to releasing the first map made specifically for 1.8, but I guess second isn’t all that bad. Exact same concept as Tunnel Vision with a main lane and an iso lane in the middle. Press a button in the main lane to dispense a wool in the iso lane. I wanted to use as many neat things added in 1.8 as possible, which include (but are not limited to): volume target selector arguments, entity data commands, depth strider, endermites, the new prismarine types of blocks, and probably a couple more things that I can’t really think of right now. It was definitely designed to be a late tournament map and would probably be fairly difficult for newer teams.

Song of the South

Oh my god a standard, completely straight, not gimmicky map it’s a miracle. I made a map before this one where my only goal was to try to make difficult pve wools. Long story short it wasn’t terrible, but I didn’t really like the cohesion between the areas, and I ended up finding out the pve command block fix anyway meaning the concept of the map wasn’t needed at all, so I ended up scrapping the map and didn’t bother trying to balance it. However, the second half of the map was a western/badlands type area that I really liked to look and feel of, and I didn’t want to completely get rid of it, so out popped this map. The general layout of the map is admittedly extremely similar to Erosion so umm, whoops. there are three wools, one pve wool, one pvp wool, and a wool with the press a button to dispense the wool to a teammate concept, which is part pve wool and part pvp wool. It’s been finished for around three weeks (from the initial posting of this thread on the old forums) and still hasn’t really been tested so there are probably some things that are broken/unbalanced.

EDIT: I just made a massive update to Song of the South, more info on it’s separate thread

Winter’s Escape

Created for the Post RAC Map Making Contest (results still pending). It’s been finished long enough for me to finally throw in the towel and give a proper release for it. The map has yet to be played or tested so who knows how it will play. This is another 4-lane map. This time around though, I had a little bit more map making experience under my belt, and I wasn’t trying to throw something together to just see if the 4-lane concept would work. I tried to incorporate things that I think I did well in some of my previous maps, while also trying to address some of the potential complaints with main lane/iso lane maps in general. The main lane has a winter cabin type of feel to it, while the iso lane is a bit of an homage to Ozone from OCN (as the map was created at around the time the OCN server shut down and Ozone was the map that got me into those servers in the first place).

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Other Maps

And I guess I helped out with these maps too so again for organization sake I’ll put these maps here too I guess.

Direct Fire Mini

Pretty self explanatory. Also by @Contranaut and @csarpaul.

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Beginner’s Touch

Made by @Foldesi and me as a map for newer players for the third Open House.

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Precession Mini

Started with the blessing from @Arahpthos as something to do to pass the time while my power/internet was out during Hurricane Matthew. Unfortunately (fortunately? idk) my power wasn’t out for too long so it didn’t get finished for another couple of months afterwards. Other than that pretty self explanatory.

by zzrules21 — posted in Map Releases

Updated with Twisted Ruins patch. Most of the changes were general housekeeping, but because i was demanded for a detailed changelog, here it is:

  • Bedrock holes in resources were patched. These include the hole above the iron room in both lanes, the hole above the massive drop to the bottom level on both lanes, and the hole in the ceiling of the exit to the second cave leading up to the iron room.

  • Excess stone brick, cobblestone, and gravel cleaned up outside of dungeons. When I made the map, I added these blocks by using a brush with the desired block percentages, masking stone, and brushing away the bland stone. This resulted in a bunch of the stone surrounding the bedrock on the outside of the dungeons being changed to said blocks as well, which just looks bad and adds a bunch of hassle whenever replacing the stone with stained glass. I removed those extraneous blocks. This doesn’t affect gameplay in the slightest, but hey I guess I needed to detail everything.

  • All diamond ore in secondary resources is visible from the surface. The amount of diamond in the cave is unchanged. The only thing that was changed was the location of the diamond ores that were hidden deep inside the stone.

  • There is no longer the single piece of redstone inside of secondary resources. I honestly have no idea why I had the TNT under the chest like that to begin with. I’m sure there was some reason regarding how the explosion affected the chest, but either way, now the 2 TNT are now stacked on top of each other under the button.

  • The lanes were re-mirrored. Mirroring these lanes is such a big pain in the ass. Every turn needed to be selected, rotated, and put back into place and quite honestly in the past, I didn’t mirror the lanes if I needed to make a tiny change. Unfortunately, this resulted in weird cases like one lane having a bedrock hole that the other lane didn’t. So in order to hopefully remove any lane biases, I mirrored the lanes again.

  • THE CAVE SPIDERS AND SILVERFISH IN THIRD WOOL ARE NO LONGER INJECTED WITH RED BULL. Those mobs were never given speed and their movement speed was never altered NBT wise, but for whatever reason those two mobs ran around in that wool like toddlers amped up on red bull. After a bit of digging into, It seems like it has something to do with a the mobs being spawned in 1.7 with potion effects and then loaded into 1.8. Whenever I made the spawners, I spawned the mobs, splashed them with an infinite fire resistance potion, and then used a spawner creator filter in MCEdit, so Minecraft sees them as mobs that were spawned in 1.7. This is just such a bizarre thing that I have never understood, and that I still don’t fully understand. It’s only the cave spiders and the silverfish. It’s only in 1.8. In updating this map, it’s been important to me to make sure that the map is still playable in 1.7, so if I was unable to fix this without loading it into 1.8, then I wasn’t going to make the change. Fortunately, I was able to figure it out by just remaking the spawners using a setblock command in a command block, so now they should behave normally

Updated with Twisted Ruins update


Updated with Song of the South update