Precession Mini

I helped do something similar to this on Direct Fire with csarpaul and Contranaut around 2 and a half years ago. Right before Hurricane Matthew I was joking around saying “hey I should make a mini version of a map whenever I inevitable lose internet access, what map should I do?” and then Jack gave me permission to miniaturize Precession, so I did just that. I did a good chunk of the work during the hurricane but then my internet came back and I completely stopped working on it for a little bit. A little time passed and then I finished it up overnight and here we are. It should be really close to the current version of Precession (, but if I messed something up/something’s broken in the map I can make a quick hot fix. Otherwise the map probably won’t be updated unless Jack makes an update to the full sized version.

Anyways, on to important stuff:

by zzrules21 — posted in Map Releases