Central list of maps

This thread is an attempt to put together a definitive, central list of competitive Minecraft maps (primarily RFW).

Please help by finding release threads (preferably original threads posted by the mapmaker) for maps which are missing from the list and letting me know.

Maps in the AutoReferee repository

This script should allow you to directly download any map that is in the repo.

Race For Wool

Bed Wars

Symmetrical Attack/Defense

Asymmetrical Attack/Defense


Maps not in the repo

Race For Wool

Symmetrical Attack/Defense

Asymmetrical Attack/Defense

by SkiTrip — posted in Map Releases

Ski this is going to be so useful, thanks so much for putting it together! I can’t believe you found Castle Crashers and Halloween, I want to throwdown on those now.


Thanks. However, a lot of the credit should go to Martin and Arahpthos, as they helped to put together the original post on the old forums


Rechecking this post this afternoon, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a compilation of RFW maps as all encompassing as this one is.


Trying to think of any maps that are missing:

Overlook by EyeofthePoodle thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/mctourney/comments/1ovktf/rfw_map_overlook_v11_by_eyeofthepoodle_trailer/

Erif Tcerid (idk how to find it maybe Sprok knows)

Nearly all of Sprok’s maps including Trapped 1 and 2 (maybe get them from Paul’s server)

A bunch of map contest maps like Survival Test, Frozen Time, Throne, That Just Happened, Derivative

Castle by intothevoid4

The first community map build, the one with the lava at the end. I forget the name

Iron Horse Impact by SongofStorms

Corsair Crossfire by Song

A bunch of Psychotic Sandwhiche’s maps like Basher’s Domain

Technically not RFW, but Revolution, ClusterChunk, Cube Control, Nail

Captain Gaybeard (lmao)

Twisted Mountain by Fellock

Moonrise Mountain

Twilight kingdom or whatever it’s called by koipen, the one that’s really vertical and silverfish in 1st wool

Halflife by koipen

Closing Heat by koipen

probably lots more, if you want we can cross-check with the maplist on Paul’s server sometime, because that has tons of maps


I’ve added the maps in your list that I could find to the post.

I wasn’t able to find:

  • Erif Tcerid (I get that it’s Direct Fire backwards, but what actually is it and who is it by?)
  • Sprok’s maps
  • The missing map contest maps
  • Castle

If anyone has links to any of those, that would be appreciated.

How would I get hold of the maplist (and the maps) from Paul’s server?

By the way, the first community map build is Rock’s Edge, which is in the list.


I have the missing map contest maps:

http://www.mediafire.com/download/7x7hms6lp5e0007/FrozenTime-v.1t.zip - Frozen Time by Jorcooly

http://puu.sh/r8Eu8/6293778e90.zip - That Just Happened by ChaosIncarnate

http://www.mediafire.com/download/qr728arn6b64u2n/Survivaltest-v0.5.zip - Survival Test by Nich_

http://www.mediafire.com/download/dg2f4b1dhkk4zww/Derivative-v1.0.zip - Derivative by Erosion_Is_Shit

http://puu.sh/r8EAA/e782de4e14.zip - TheBrinkofCorruption by BZ_STEVE and SubAtomicPanda

http://www.mediafire.com/download/458wmy1mg4l113b/Throne-v1.0.zip - Throne by intothevoid4

that should be it

here was the original spreadsheet for anyone interested: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1PcB-vESGp2e6L2TjVSqTVgOKiXPrxpqlJj8xWVw_Ezc/edit?usp=sharing


That’s probably because a lot of those maps don’t have official releases, or in the case of Erif Tcerid I named that. Since I think it’s published on Planet Minecraft as Race for the Wool.


No, I can assure you the map I found and renamed as Erif Tcerid you don’t want on this list. It’s an abomination.


The download url for False Respite should be https://s3.amazonaws.com/autoreferee/maps/FalseRespite-v1.2.zip.


Just found this map that isn’t on the list.

Parting Ways