Song of the South [v1.0]

Okay I realize this took forever, I’m so sorry there isn’t really any reason behind this other than sheer laziness on my part (and being distracted by the RLCS International Finals but that’s besides the point). This version should be tournament ready, if there are any issues just tell me and I can push out a quick fix. This version is vastly different from the previous version, with changes including (but not limited to…):

  • The entire map is now 15 blocks lower.
  • Spruced up aesthetics. @Swurlin and @Pixology (otherwise known as Deportivo Immigrante) did a fantastic job overhauling the buildings and structures in the map and it looks incredible. Huge props to them.
  • Resources now have a bit of light in them to mostly deter natural spawns.
  • The entrance to first wool is now on the surface rather than in the chasm.
  • First wool was redone to accommodate the new entrance. The wool is still similar, but has a drop near the start and focuses more on going upwards rather than downwards like it previously did.
  • @Matsuzen and @BruntForce decided to brew some tea in the house after first wool
  • The chasm above second resources was made steeper and with a flatter bottom. There is also a broken bridge to go across it, and the building at the bottom was replaced with a campsite.
  • Second resources was moved a little bit towards spawn and now splits in 2 directions. One path takes you to the original second resources, another path takes you to a small cave in the middle of second wool with a small bit of PvE and a little bit of iron.
  • Some spawners were remove from second resources.
  • second wool was completely remade. A lot of the concepts were carried over, but it was reworked to revolve around the second resources iron cave. There’s also a small bit of PvE at the very end.
  • The terrain in the lake was tweaked a bit to try to look slightly natural.
  • Resources inside the jail kind of house at the end were reworked to fit in with the building that actually looks like a jail. Nothing was changed too drastically.
  • Third wool was reworked. The drop at the very start was fucking cancerous and the PvP section of the wool was next to impossible to actually lock down. Now there’s a bit of a cave leading up to the split between the button and the collection area, with the entire cave section revolving around the PvP collection section of the wool.

I’m almost positive I’ve forgotten something because of how massive of an update to the map this is, but it should be good to go for the RFW Annual Championship.


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Edit: Turned mob griefing back on, and removed the signs on the last 2 spawners in 2nd wool, download was updated with the latest version

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Edit: Turned mob griefing back on, and removed the signs on the last 2 spawners in 2nd wool, download was updated with the latest version