Looking for a team? Some tips on formatting your post.

Thanks to Martin for originally writing this post on the old RMCT forums.

This category is for players looking for a team to join, or teams looking for new players. Below is a sample looking for team (LFT) post which you can copy and paste to create your own.

Some tips on posting a good LFT post:

  • Give plenty of detail. The more information you give, the more likely teams are to consider you. If they don’t have anything to go on, they will probably just ignore your post.
  • Be honest about your abilities. Don’t oversell yourself! Most teams are more interested in players who are willing to learn than players who think they already know everything.
  • Give practical details. What part of the world are you from? What times are you normally available to practice? Would you be able to make it to tournament matches at crazy hours? Don’t forget to include your IGN and contact details too.

Sample post template:

You can copy and paste the text below to a new post, and fill in the gaps.

[Introduce yourself here]

**Previous Experience:** [Past teams you've been part of, PvP servers you've played on, etc]

**Known For?:** [Anything you've done that people might remember you for]

**Timezone:** [Your timezone]

**Time Available:** [What times of the day you would be available to play, on different days of the week]

**Have Mumble and Skype?:** [Put whether you have Mumble and/or Skype]

**Have a microphone?:** [Having a decent microphone can be a big advantage, so mention this here]

**Pros:** [What are you good at? Strategy? PvP? PvE? Any special skills? Describe the reasons why a team may want you]

**Cons:** [Where might you fall short? What are the things you need to work on?]

**Skill levels:** Strategist - [?], PvE - [?], PvP - [?], Parkour - [?], Cannons - [?], Strategy Execution - [?]

**Contact details:** [How do you want potential teams to contact you? Put the details here.]

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