Twisted Ruins Update

In preparation for the RAC 2019, I figured I’d make a quick little update to Twisted Ruins to make the tournament experience on the map better overall. Download can be found here


  • Unified the map theme across the entire map After making Song of the South, I really liked the idea of having one theme across the entire map, so I updated the themes in Twisted Ruins to do the same.

  • Lowered spawn rates overall in the dungeons With the RAC map pool format, the skill range of all of the participating teams is large, so I scaled back the spawn rates a little bit to be a bit more forgiving for any newer teams participating in the tournament.

  • Added glowstone behind stained glass lane indicators Since the map has a bedrock ceiling, it makes the lane indicators a bit difficult to see for players/streams with a default resource pack, so I added a bit of glowstone behind the stained glass to make them a bit easier to see.

  • Tweaked wooden buttons inside of Secondary Resources The explosions inside second resources were a bit inconsistent, so I updated the buttons to make them more consistent.

  • Extended potions in Secondary Resources Two minutes seemed a little short for the map, so all I did was increase the effect from two minutes to three minutes.

  • Filled in ladders in First Wool and First Resources Having to climb broken ladders was a bit of a pain, so I completely filled in any ladders to make them less of a pain.

  • Revamped Second Wool I was missing the old school feeling of how PvP wools were made and the gameplay that goes along with it, so I revamped Second Wool to have a bit more of a classic RFW vibe.

  • Added water and ladders to Third Wool entrance Getting in and out of Third Wool was annoying because of the fall into cobwebs, so I added a ladder to make it easier to get back to the surface, and I added water to make it easier to get to the bottom of the wool.

  • Tweaked spawners inside of Third Wool The spawners inside of Third Wool were spawning at really high rates, so I fixed the spawners again to make them spawn at a normal rate.
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