In Memory of Darren Poon (Plaatinum10)

On the 17th of April, 2018, Darren Poon (Plaatinum10) passed away. Darren had always been a prominent part of our community and supported it throughout his time with Minecraft. Not only was he involved in all five RMCT tournaments, he had created teams, assisted in play tests, promoted the community and poured countless hours into trying to be the best player he could be.

Darren was always a highly competitive person, anytime he would try something new he always strived to be the best at it. However, unlike a lot of other competitive people, he tried to bring as many people with him as he possibly could. He wanted to succeed, and he wanted to succeed with his friends, whether that was through teaching them, encouraging them, or simply by letting them try in the first place, Darren always acted with other people in mind.

He was a kind, caring, empathetic, motivated, and very witty person who deserved a lot better than what he got in life. The impact he has left is never going to be forgotten and he will be missed by everyone that is and has been involved with the Race for Wool community. All of the time, effort, support and friendship he showed throughout his life will always be remembered.

If you would like to leave a message or any fond memories you shared, please leave them in the comments below.

May you Rest in Peace.

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Thank you Swurlin for your beautiful post to remember Plaat.

When I first joined the community Plaat was a prominent player, always hanging out with us in mumble and playing PUGs. Plaat was a fun guy to be around: whenever he would join mumble everyone would perk up and the atmosphere would instantly become more casual with lots of jokes and people firing shots at one another. I remember Plaat as an unhinged player who had a lot of raw skill. Even before joining the community I always looked up the Plaat’s very fast play-style, and early on I tried to emulate Plaat’s ability to run wools at a blazing fast pace even in the face of pressure.

Plaat also inspired me to do speedruns. I believe he was the first to upload a non-TAS RFW speedrun, on Divided Together and Mountain Mayhem. His Mountain Mayhem speedrun in particular really motivated me to try speedrunning, and without Plaat’s videos I probably would have never tried speedrunning Minecraft.

I will deeply miss Plaat both as a mentor and as a personal friend. Knowing Plaat’s personality, even though his life may have been short lived, I know he lived it to the fullest. My best wishes go out to his family and friends.


When Paul and I first tried out RFW, we asked for some people to play with. Plaat came in (dragging Swurlin with him) and played out a very one sided PUG with us on Mountain Mayhem. Despite us sucking terribly, Plaat never started talking shit on us. That waited until we started doing better. He was a very competitive person, but never acted in a way to drive away the non-competitive people.

Outside of RFW, he was always a great person to shoot the shit with. A lot of my best memories hanging out with people in this community involve the little things spent with Plaat. From his hot takes on anime to a conversation about McDonalds delivery that spanned nearly an hour, Plaat was someone who I always looked forward to jumping into a call with.

It’s really sad to know that you’re gone man; you were always one of the best. If I ever get to try a Yuzu McFizz, I’ll pour a little out for you. Rest in Peace.


This is really sad to read. I remember Plaat as one of the most interesting, passionate and fun characters in the RFW community. Thoughts are with his family and friends.