AutoReferee HUD Mod GUIDE

During yesterday’s match, it became evident that there were some big issues in the HUD mod. I’ve released a new update to hopefully fix some of these issues.

I highly recommend that before using the mod in an actual match, you test it out and get familiar with all of the hotkeys. If you have any questions or suggestions, please message me on Discord.

Downloading and Configuring

The newest version of the mod can always be found here. The latest version, 0.2.1, provides some fixes.

Just drop it into your mods folder in .minecraft. It is only compatible with Forge 1.8.0. It is 100% compatible with OptiFine!

After you run Minecraft with the mod for the first time, make sure to check the file labeled “arpackethandler.cfg” in your .minecraft/config folder. Make sure to set “ B:CritHealthMessageEnabled” to false if you don’t want the annoying ”Player has reached a critical health of 2….”. It is now set to false by default, but if you’ve run the mod before release 0.2.1, it will already have been set to true, so you must set it to false manually.

Another important setting is “S:StatusScale.” By default, it is set to 1.2. The bigger you set it, the bigger the hearts above players are drawn. Each increment of 0.1 makes quite a difference, so I don’t recommend setting it any higher than 2.

In order for everything to work, you have to be considered a referee by AutoReferee. This means that when a match starts, you cannot be part of a team, unless you are an op. If you try this out in a match, but nothing will update, I recommend having yourself OPed if you can as that may solve the problem.

If you try to join a team while using the HUD mod, and you are not an op, it will not work and all referees will be notified that you joined a team with a modified client. I’m pretty sure this is a DQ’able offense according to the ruleset.

Team Info

The following buttons are set by default to help you calibrate team info:

  • Press I to swap all team info, including team names, team name colors, team players, team stats
  • Press Left Bracket to swap team names, but not colors
  • Press P to swap team colors, but not names

To check if everything is good, you can press F to bring up a panel containing all the players in a nice GUI (More information about this panel later). This will help you determine if everything is calibrated properly.

If things aren’t looking good, swap team information, names, and colors, until you have everything right.

In my opinion, the best time to do this as a streamer is immediately after everyone has joined their teams, when everyone is getting ready.

As for why it has to be this way, it is because of how AutoReferee works. AutoReferee is configured to allow for more than just 2 teams. Therefore, it does not indicate which team is on the left or right side. In most cases, you should just have to press I once so that teams are calibrated properly (right side team shows on right side, and left team on the left). But sometimes you also have to swap team names and colors, and I can’t really explain why that is concisely. The best I can say is that, when I originally made the mod, I found that AutoReferee gives information to the client in an inefficient way.

Player Panel

The AR HUD Mod comes with a new feature I am very excited about, which displays players in a screen that appears when you press the F key by default. In a grid, it shows players’ heads, names, K/D/Acc, and HP. Clicking on a player’s head will ARTP to them. Right clicking on a player’s head will open a drop-down menu, giving you the option to /artp, /tp, /vi, or /vi -p.

i touch dudes

In theory, this will make it more streamlined to artp to someone. Instead of having to type out the /artp command and their username, you can simply press F and click on their head.

Objective Info

On either side of the timestamp is the information about objectives (wools).

  • When the wool has not been touched, it does not show at all
  • When the wool has been TOUCHED, it is slightly transparent
  • When the wool is currently being CARRIED by someone, it is completely opaque
  • When the wool is currently on the VICTORY MONUMENT, it is completely opaque and has a check-mark underneath it


If some wools aren’t showing up, or aren’t triggering, your best bet is to do the following:

Panic Button

In version 0.2.1, I have added a panic button by pressing L. Unfortunately, it requires an update to AutoReferee which I am currently waiting on TheNet to merge and release.

In the meantime, you can download a version that supports this panic button here. I cannot promise that this version will be stable.

Once supported, This will refresh everything to hopefully fix the HUD not displaying stuff that it should. If things are bugging out, press this button but DO NOT SPAM it. It will most likely cause lag.

It requires at least AR 2.8.4, whose download link can be found in the comments or right here. Big thanks to TheNet for fixing this stuff on such short notice!!

When in doubt

If everything in the HUD has gone to shit, and the panic button isn’t working, just relog. It will fix most weird issues most of the time, at least in my testing. If one relog doesn’t fix it, you probably shouldn’t relog again.

Once again, please please please test everything out in a private match to make sure you understand all the different functions, and to make sure that everything works fine on your particular system/server.

If the display is completely inaccurate to the point of making viewers confused, you can always disable the HUD by pressing G.

Misc features and stuff

  • You can enable hunger bars by pressing M. These will appear above heart bars
  • There is an option in config to have hunger bars enabled by default
  • The name of the world will appear in the bottom left corner of the player panel
  • You can press B to execute /artp, which will have the same effect as right clicking the feather to cycle through players (this can be changed in Controls)
  • I’m currently thinking about ways to unobtrusively aid streamers in being aware of more parts of the map; if you have any ideas, please tell me! (Currently thinking about adding a minimap?)
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Omg this is amazing, should improve quality of streams this tournament significantly. Thank You Char!


Looks great. AR 2.8.4 released with your change.