New? Here's How to Play

What is RFW?

Race for Wool is a team game mode, usually 4 players per team, that takes place on 2 symmetrical lanes. The lanes are like small Complete-The-Monument maps with resources and dungeons and mobs. You win by getting the wool from the dungeons and putting it on your victory monument before the other team.

As long as you stay on your lane, you can mess with the other team to slow them down by doing things like shooting arrows and blowing up their lane with cannons.

I recommend watching some videos from past tournaments to see how intense and exciting it can be.

Start Playing

  1. Download Discord, and join the RFW Discord server here. The server is used for all sorts of RFW-related discussion via text chat, and also for voice chat to communicate with your team during matches.

  2. The channel used to organise casual Pick-Up-Games (PUGs) is ‘#pug-chat’, so message in there to find a match. There’s also the ‘#how-to-play’ channel, which is the place to ask any questions you have about RFW.

  3. To talk to other people with voice chat, click on one of the voice channels. If there are already people in a channel, then join that one and ask if they want to play. Don’t be shy! The community is friendly to new players.

  4. When it’s time to play the game, join the Play Server, which has almost 100 different maps to choose from and an automatic system for starting and refereeing matches. The server IP is ‘’.

Join the community

The Discord server is the main place to talk about RFW, however there are a few other ways to get involved.

These forums are a great place to find out about upcoming tournaments and other fun events. To register on the forums, simply click on the ‘Register’ button in the top right of this page, and follow the instructions.

You can also follow us on Twitter @Race4Wool, Twitch and YouTube.


Every summer, the RFW Annual Championships (RAC) takes place, which is the largest RFW tournament series currently running. This summer’s tournament, RAC2017, has a prize pool of $400. Information about the tournament can be found here.

There may also be smaller tournaments, which will most likely also be announced on the forums.

Thanks to BruntForce for writing a post for new players on the r/mctourney subreddit, which this post is based on.

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do i need a premium minecraft account for this or can i play with a cracked version of minecraft