Ruleset updated to v3.1.0

The ruleset has been updated to add the tiebreaking conditions for when both teams have the same number of wools on the monument after 100 minutes. The victory conditions were taken out of the ruleset in the last big update, because I thought by mistake that AR handled everything.

To fix this, a new section has been added:

Section III: Tiebreaking

  1. If all teams have the same number of capped[3] objectives after 100 minutes, victory is awarded to the team that had the highest number of simultaneous capped objectives at any time during the match.
  2. If the highest number of simultaneous capped objectives is the same for all teams, victory is awarded to first team to cap that number of objectives during that match.

And two new definitions:

[2] An objective is a block, item or entity which is required to be capped in order to win the match.

[3] An objective is capped if it is positioned in its victory region (defined by AutoReferee).

This should have the same effect in a match as the previous tiebreaking conditions (first comparing who had the most wools on the monument at any point in the match, and if that is tied, looking at who had those wools there first). The only significant difference is that this version uses the word ‘positioned’ instead of ‘placed’, so it is legal to put the wools on the monument by methods other than placing them there directly from your inventory.

The full ruleset can be viewed at and changes can be proposed here.

by SkiTrip — posted in General Discussion