CMCT Update - 1st Round June 6th-11th


The tournament will happen after all! After another week of sign-ups another team did sign up, so we have 4 teams for the tournament. I know it’s not much of a tournament with 4 teams, but I’d like to try to host it anyway. Here are the names and rosters of the 4 teams:

  1. Pace: Contranaut, mukmukfriend, Oc, Foldesi, blade00000009
  2. Anti Pronoun Gang (APGANG): Swurlin, Doctashock, MalachiJensen, itouchlittleGIRL, zzrules21
  3. Penumbra: SubAtomicPanda, conundromic, Ski_Trip, _Bunnies
  4. The Communist Party of America: PieZ, Falz, SquidKun, Bakerb, Crazy_

New Format

Due to only having 4 teams I’ve changed up the format for the tournament from double-elimination tournament to a two-stage tournament: round robin into bo3 single elimination. All the info below about format, scheldule, and maps can be seen on the official tournament challonge here. Note that you can see both the group stage and final stage of the tournament using the tabs at the top. You can also make predictions on the tournament starting today.

The first 3 weeks of the tournament will be round robin where every team will play every other team. At the end of those 3 weeks, the teams will be ranked according to their record. Tiebreakers will be head-to-head first, and then differential based on wools placed on the monument. The last ranked team will be eliminated from the tournament, and the 3 remaining teams will move on, where the 1st team will have a bye week , and the 2nd and 3rd seeds will play each other in the semifinals. Both the semifinals and finals matches will be best of 3, but round robin will be best of 1.

Maps and Tournament Scheldule

The maps have stayed the same since my announcement post, but since the format has changed the maps will be played in a different order. Each round of the tournament will last one week, so you must play every single weekend:

Round 1: June 6 to 11 - Shipwrecked
Round 2: June 13 to 18 - Mountain Mayhem
Round 3: June 20 to 25 - Sylvan Cliffs
Semifinals: June 27 to July 2 - Precession, Twisted Desert, Shipwrecked
Finals: July 4 to 9 - Elemental, Twisted Ruins, Sylvan Cliffs

Scheduling , Links, and Server

At the beginning of each week I will create chats in Discord to schedule matches for the upcoming week. Once a match has been scheduled I will announce it’s start time in the CMCT channel on the RFW discord here.

All matches will be streamed and highlighted on the tournament twitch page here.

Reminder that the tournament bracket is here, and you can now make bracket predictions.

The tournament will be played in version 1.8.x, and the official tournament server IP is, although it is down at the moment. If I continue to have issues with the server I will use the play server instead, who’s IP is (direct IP You may practice on the play server, though it does not have the lapis enchanting plugin yet (I will add it to the play server if and when official matches are played on the play server).

Also note that a couple maps won’t load on the play server (in fact, it will break the server so that no other maps will be able to load). These maps include Mountain Mayhem, Sylvan Cliffs, and Twisted Desert. Please do not try to load these maps on the play server. Hopefully I will get the other server up so teams can practice those maps on there, or I can fix the maps on the play server. A wall of all the maps for the tournament is located in the “top maps” section of the play server.

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