Post-RFW Annual Championships Map Making Contest

Welcome to the first annual map making contest.

Break out your world edit, it’s time for a community map making contest! Starting now, and ending on October 1st is the time frame for building and submitting maps. Please avoid showing your maps to judges before the contest starts as the goal is to avoid partiality and make sure their first impressions are caught on stream. When your map is ready for submission, please send it here.


Our goal for judges is two fold, to bring in people with knowledge of both RFW and Minecraft in general, as well as to try to maintain some variety. For variety, year to year we will not be repeating any judges; meaning next year Gun, Ben, and Brunt will be back on the table. This is to allow judges a chance to submit a map every once in a while, as judges for the current year will not be allowed to submit a map due to bias.

Our judges will each be designated to rating a single quality of each map, there will be an aesthetics judge, a gameplay judge, and a celebrity guest judge. Without further ado, I will introduce our judges for this year!

Aesthetics - Our aesthetics judge is a long time RFW community member, and also former judge of the Octovon build server. Truly a master of his craft, and an expert on all things Minecraft decor - Swurlin!

Gameplay - Our gameplay judge is also a long time community member! A winner of RMCT5 and Penumbra, cannon extraordinaire, and designer of multiple amazing maps - Ch4nM4n!

Celebrity Guest - Our celebrity guest judge will be announced closer to the event in an effort to drive some more hype! Keep your eyes peeled.


We are hoping to get high level, tournament quality maps out of this contest. To achieve this goal maps will need to be tested for revisions. Map makers, if you have a testable version of your map ready before submission date and would like to try and get some play testing done before the due date get in touch with me on Discord. I will facilitate play testing, that you can anonymously participate in if you would like, I will also gather feedback from the player in this match to send to you once testing has concluded.


At the start of October there will be a first impressions live-stream with the judges, where they give their opinion and initial thought on the maps. From there they will rate the maps based on their rating criteria and subject of judging, and the top maps will be selected.

These top maps will be played a few times on stream to get a feel for their gameplay and at this point map voting will go to the community. Where the community will vote on which of the maps they believe is the top map. (Please make an effort to keep your map anonymous, we understand some people will know, however in the interest of fairness do your best to keep that information as low key as possible.)


The prize for this map making contest is two fold. First, the top map will be featured in the RAC2018 map pool! Secondly, the creator/creators of the top map will split a $50 cash prize!

If you have any questions let us know, looking forward to seeing the amazing maps people put together for this event! (For those in the “Map Rating Committee” keep in mind that maps outside of first place will be potentials for selection granted they are good enough to make top 6 maps.)

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