Twitch Subscriber Emoticon(s)

We have just gotten affiliate on our official twitch channel.

With this additional options for helping support tournaments and other events, we also get access to 3 sub emotes. 1 at the $5 tier, 1 at the $10 tier, and 1 at the $25 tier.

Due to the limited number of emote slots, we will be having the community vote on what emotes they want to use. Over the next two weeks I will be taking Twitch Chat Emote submissions, you can PM them to me on Discord and the community will have an opportunity to vote on their favorites to become our official emotes.

If you have any questions let me know!

by Spr0k — posted in Announcements

Update - Those of you that are interested in submitting potential emotes, or have already begun working on them these are the resolutions are 28x 56x 112x, anything over 28x gets down scaled.