RFW Annual Championships 2017


This is the second annual RFW Championships. This tournament series is an annual event every summer, with potentially more events throughout the year as we begin to mature as a community.

For this event, seeding will be affected by previous RFW Annual Championships tournaments. Only RFW tournaments hosted by this organization will affect seeding in future events.

Tournament Format

The RFW Championships will be an open double elimination tournament capable of handling any number of team sign-ups. That means everyone that signs up will be able to compete.

The map selections process will be identical to the pro CS:GO map selection process. There will be a pool of 7 maps. For Best of One matches, each team will take turns banning maps until one map remains. For Best of Three matches, each team will ban one map, then choose one map, then ban one map each again. This leaves the seventh map to be the first played. The maps will be selected before each match, so make sure you are as practiced as possible on multiple maps.

The amount of matches played as Best of Three will be decided at a later date. It will be highly dependent on the number of teams that sign-up for the tournament.


Sign-ups are now open. Please be sure to include the team name and the captains Discord name. You will also need to include Discord names for all of your players and have them join our Discord server

You can find the sign-up document here.

Special note: if any semi-finalist from RAC2016 signs up they will be given premier seeding and first shot at a bye round depending on number of sign-ups as a direct invite. This list includes Grand Waffles, Rush, USNZ, and California Gurlzz. If any of these teams choose to return to defend their “title” they must adhere to a couple requirements. First they must fine with streamers mentioning their previous or potentially returning team name, secondly they must have at least three members from their RAC2016 roster returning, the other three players can be new however.

Tournament Schedule

Matches will be played when teams, streamers, and referees are available. These matches will be streamed on our twitch channel.

As teams sign up your captain will be sent an availability sheet that they can fill out so that we can schedule matches.

Sign-ups: May 29th - June 12th Tournament: June 13th - Until Finished

Additional Information and Rules

Maximum roster size will be 6 with a minimum size of 4. If you do opt for a roster less than 6, then make sure your members have time to participate. No alternate accounts may be on the same team or any other team. If you are caught using an alternate account, both teams will be DQ’d from the tournament.

The RFW Championships will use Standard Ruleset v3.1.2. Please note that the organizers have the final say in matters, but we will follow the ruleset as strictly as possible.

The match time limit for matches during the RFW Championships will be 80 minutes in an effort to keep match time shorter for Bo3’s.

The following maps will be enforcing map specific rules - The Abandoned Kingdom, and Tunnel Vision. On The Abandoned Kingdom fire tick will be disabled. On Tunnel Vision you will not be allowed to move between lanes without respawning.

All tournament match will be played on Minecraft version 1.8.9 and Hard Difficulty. The RFW Championships have dedicated tournament servers. A Discord server for the tournament games will also be provided. Discord is required to participate in the tournament.

The Discord link is available earlier in this document and minecraft IPs will be given out once teams are selected. Individual team practice servers are not being provided, rather our public play server play.wool.run will be available to all teams to use. You can also set-up the [plugin]( we use to run the tournament on your own server.

Seeding will be chosen at the discretion of the organizers. We will look at each team’s results in previous RAC events and attempt to make seeding as fair as possible.

Map Pool

Erosion by Arahpthos and csarpaul

The Abandoned Kingdom by koipen

Sylvan Cliffs by SubAtomicPanda

Twisted Ruins by zzrules21

Tunnel Vision by last_username, FifthWhammy,FreckleEars, and iTruthful

Precession by Arahpthos

Rain Eater by csarpaul

Prize Pool

RAC2017 has a guaranteed prize pool of $250. Depending on other donations that come in as we get closer to the event this amount could go up.


This year’s tournament and prize pool has been completely funded by donations from community members. This ranges from the play server (play.wool.run), which has been generously hosted by Parker for just over a year now, as well as tournament servers, and this year’s prize pool which, is being covered by various patrons. A huge thank you to those that have donated to help make this event possible.

If anyone else is interested in supporting these tournaments, our Patreon link can be found here


Our community does not own Race for Wool (RFW), RFW was created by Vechs as a competitive game mode within Minecraft. We simply exist to facility high level competitive matches on RFW maps and help others experience the game type.

If you are interested in getting into RFW please feel free to contact any community members and we will help you join pick-up matches, access servers, or help get our AutoReferee plug-in set-up for your server to play with your friends.

The server listed above can also be used for casual matches with your friends to test the waters in RFW if you do not have access to your own server.

If you want to know more, visit us in Discord or on our website at raceforwool.org.

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No map specific rules? You probably want one for TV, and also AK (or tell teams you are turning fire tick off).