AR HUD Client Pre-release version 0.1

Since RMCT#4, the community has been in need of a HUD client. No more are the times when refs and stream viewers would be in utter confusion as to what is going on in a match.

Screenshots here ^^

Github repo


*This is a pre-release. It will most cetainly have bugs, lack essential features, and have source code worse than LoL’s. In order to make it better, please suggest features and report bugs using the “Issues” tab on Github, or by replying to this thread. Thank you :)


This is a Minecraft Forge mod for 1.8.0. It does not work for 1.8.8+. I might make it for the other versions eventually, but for some reason the great people at Mojang and Forge decided that there would be annoying as hell big changes to the way stuff is rendered on the screen between 1.8 and 1.8.8+.

Because it is a forge mod, it is fully compatible with OptiFine. And probably any other mod for Forge 1.8.0.



  • Live Timestamp
  • Live objective statistics (not touched, touched, or placed on VM)
  • Team kills/deaths
  • Team names


  • Hotkey to swap teams or to swap just team names
  • Hotkey to execute “/artp” instead of clicking the feather
  • Hotkey to toggle AR HUD
  • Hotkey to toggle hearts above players’ heads


  • Players’ hearts are rendered above their nametags

Planned Features

  • Hunger above a player’s name tag (unless that would be too crowded)
  • Hovering over a player will give you more in depth stats like K/D/Acc, hunger, and armor
  • Ability to open a panel that will list all the teams, players, their health, and what objectives they’ve touched. This panel will make teleportation and generally managing the teams and players much easier.

Known bugs

  • objective information is incredibly off-centered for right team (centering shit on the monitor perfectly is a god damn nightmare) Fixed in 0.1.1
by charburg — posted in Announcements

This is a great start to a very useful tool, awesome!


Pre-release 0.1.1:

  • Fixed objective align issues

Didn’t see this until just now. Thank you for the work you put into this Char. When this tool was used for RMCT 3 and 4, it made the streams look a lot more professional, and it enhanced the viewing experience a ton by showing more clearly where players were, what wools were touched/placed, etc. Best of all, it helps new viewers to RFW more easily understand the gamemode. I very much hope this will be used in all future RFW tournament streams.