2017 Map Pool and Upcoming Plans

2017 Announcements

As we enter this new year we wanted to put out a little bit of information regarding what we are doing in 2017 regarding the RFW Annual Championships and our involvement with other things Race for Wool. At the current time we do not have plans to run anything this year outside of RAC2017, if people are interested in using the provided infrastructure for running their own events please get in touch with either Ch4nM4n or myself and we can help facilitate your event with the community resources.

As we progress into 2017 we will still be using the 1.8 version for the foreseeable future and if anything happens regarding that we will let the community know.


For those of you unaware we do have a community discord that everyone is welcome to join, that can be found here Discord Link; if you would like a private group/channel for your team to discuss upcoming strategies or whatever for upcoming events please let us know.

2017 Map Pool

The following is our 2017 Official Map Pool, the following maps will be used for RAC2017 and potentially other smaller events if we coordinate anything of the sort.

  1. Erosion by Arahpthos and csarpaul

  2. The Abandoned Kingdom by Koipen

  3. Sylvan Cliffs by SubAtomicPanda

  4. Twisted Ruin by zzrules21

  5. Tunnel Vision by iTruthful, FifthWhammy, FreckleEars, and last_username

  6. Precession by Arahpthos

  7. Raineater by csarpaul

Official download links for maps will be released along with quick map tour videos at a schedule of about one per week starting the second week of January. (This is when the official version will also be up on the play server. [play.wool.run]) Important disclaimer, map tournament versions are subject to change upon the discovery of unintended bedrock holes or objective ruining exploits; if you happen across any of these while preparing for a map please bring it to our attention as soon as possible. Relying on these unintended map bugs as part of your map strategy for an extended period of time could hurt your ability to perform on the day of the big tournament.

Play Server

Quick reminder that the official play server [play.wool.run], contains all 7 tournament maps and the load signs will be in a place of prominence once the 2017 versions have been released over the coming weeks. This server is a completely free and public server available for anyone that would like to do some basic map exploration or play some quick matches. (Note: This also includes a plethora of RFW maps that did not make the cut for this years RFW Annual Championship Map Pool that are amazing nonetheless.)

2017 Map Selection Process

For those of you looking forward to participating in this years RFW Annual Championships we would like to provide a quick breakdown of how maps will be selected for any given round of the tournament. For Bo1 matches the teams will take turns banning maps until only one map remains. For Bo3 matches both teams will ban one map, then each team will choose one map, then each team will ban one map, leaving us with one map as the tie-breaker map.

With this in mind, we have not yet settled on an overall format for the event. If you have any suggestions, concerns, or questions about our leanings on this feel free to leave those in the comments below and one of us should get back to you. The tournament is scheduled for this Summer season and hope to see you then.

Please also keep in mind as we move towards the event that we would like to recognize teams that have historically performed well. As such any teams from the Semi-finals and onward from RAC2016 that return with at least four returning members we would like to recognize in some way. This may not necessarily be skipping rounds like it was last event, but it will involve some sort of recognition or improved seeding. Something to keep in mind. (This includes Grand Waffles, Rush, California Gurlzz, and USNZ. Teams do not need to keep their team name, however it will be potentially mentioned at event related announcements.)


For this upcoming tournament we will be using and enforcing the RMCT Standard Ruleset, with a few potentially small modifications. This will be announced with the official event post when or if we decide on these small adjustments.

Twitch and YouTube

You will be able to follow all the action of this event either live at our Twitch Channel or in VoD format at our YouTube Channel. Be sure to follow these channels to not miss any of the amazing matches to come!

Prize Pool

Last year the prize pool for RAC2016 was $150, at the current time we are able to guarantee $100 for this years prize pool and unless anything drastic happens to our current Patreon funding this amount will continue to grow and we will keep everyone posted regarding the prize money up for grabs.

If you would like to help support the tournament in any way feel free to check out our Patreon, every little bit helps us give back more to the players. 100% of incoming donations go towards paying for servers, prize pools, and hopefully soon paying our streamers for their excellent work, if you would like to follow our use of the donated funds starting this month we will be posting monthly financial reports to the RFW slack where we will track all incoming donations and outgoing funds.

A great support tier to look into on our Patreon is at the $5 level, this will grant you and your team access to a premium stratting server with access to world edit and other great resources above and beyond what you can do on the play server. (Keep in mind this is primarily to help support the tournaments and servers, as we are more than willing to assist people in setting up private or local host servers with these plug-ins for stratting, practice, and scrims.)

Thank You

A huge thank you again to Net for his work on the Website.

A huge thank you to Parker for his donation of the Play Server and Mumble Server.

Thank you to all the RFW players that came last year to our first official tournament and helped us through that event despite the many road bumps that it brought, we are looking forward to continuing to bring you great tournaments every year!

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