Website Launch

July 22, 2016

Welcome to the new website!

I’m really sorry it took so long. Even now, there are many features yet to be added. Sufficient structure is in place for a functional forums, however.

The style and layout of the website is not set in stone, and I’m welcome to input and suggestions (that goes for everything else too)! I have created the forum section Website Meta for discussions regarding the website.

Here is some general information about the current state of the forums.


Sections should be pretty obvious. When you create a post you must choose a section the post will belong to. You can view all the posts in a section by clicking on the desired section on the left. Posts can be stickied to the top of their respective sections. Request new sections in the Website Meta section. I hope to aim to keep the section list short and relevant to the community’s interests.

Mobile users: New post and section links are not currently visible on mobile. They will be available soon. Meanwhile, you can create a new post at /f/new, and view certain sections by clicking on the section link in the meta information of a post.


You can use Markdown to format your posts and comments. Markdown is a common web standard for formatting text. You are probably already familiar with Markdown or a modification of it. Below is a table with some very basic Markdown syntax. You can find more syntax here or take a tutorial here. Oh, and the table was generated using this (yes, Markdown supports tables!).

you seeyou type
> quoted text *> quoted text

* apparently quoted text isn’t formatted inside tables.


Comments are currently organized in threaded, “reddit-style”, trees. While I really believe that reddit-style threading is best for valuable discussion, I’m aware that it may not be for everyone. I have plans to add multiple comment sorts, including the flat chronological sort traditionally found on forums. It will be up to the user to choose their desired comment sort.

The website will of course continue to improve and evolve. If you have any questions, feedback, or criticisms, please leave a comment below or create a post in Website Meta. Thank you for waiting. Once again, apologies on the delays. (=

by Net — posted in Announcements

Omg Net this is amazing! Everything looks great, huge improvement over the old forums (which were also really good to begin with). Don’t feel bad that it took longer than anticipated, the wait was worth it. We are all grateful for all the hard work you clearly put in to this, especially considering it went without any compensation.


Amazed by the user authentication. I’m amazed that I had never seen anybody do that before. xD Good job Net!